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Design for kids & families.

We understand and speak to kids and their families through design. And we have fun doing it.

We apply our expertise and insights from a total focus on the relationships between brands and families they serve. Our insights come from our process of investigation, discovery, visualization, and articulation of communications for brands that feed, inspire, educate, and entertain – responsibly. Our process is fun, collaborative and draws on our natural curiosity, creativity and experience to help us reach what’s best for kids, families and our clients.

A pursuit of a higher purpose in everything we do is essential to our success. We believe that the brands that will matter most in the future will stand for products that are good for people and the planet.

Do great work with great people.
Deliver results.
Profit fairly.
Have fun.

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Bill Goodwin

Bill swears he hasn’t had a job in nearly 20 years… Sure they call it work for a reason, but he sees much of what we do as play. We’ll go with it, since as a result Bill and our group have become leading authorities on strategy and design. Bill is widely recognized as a thought leader, author and speaker in the areas of strategic design, marketing, and the many client industries our group serves. Evidently, not working works for him.


Terry Montimore

Terry’s extensive skills include drawing, illustration, painting and design, but his greatest strength remains ideation. He has an acute fascination with all things pop culture… like toys, food, packaging, TV, and movies. This is often manifested through his design work and marketing solutions.

Check out Terry’s personal site,


Brian Barto

Brian’s diverse experience in advertising and design is fueled largely by a constant desire to “make things”. Paper, ink, wood, and roadside finds are all also fair game, generally whatever medium fits the mood or makes the most of the situation.

Take a look at Brian’s personal site,


Steve Fala

We usually refer to Steve as the “money guy.” Besides talking about money, what Steve loves most is to cook a nice Italian meal and enjoying a glass of wine… while talking about money. Lucky for us the only thing he does not cook is the books. In fact, Steve is so honest that he admits to his real age and that his favorite websites are CNBC and Zillow (yikes!).



  • “Bill and the Goodwin Design Group were amazingly fun group to work with in delivering a true differentiation in design to reach a specific targeted audience. The team made strong recommendations, which at first were not in scope or pleasant to hear; they were based on their expertise in consumer facing products and rooted in truths. Bill encouraged us to consider their recommendations. In the end, we resulted in product & packaging designs that pop and reach our targeted audience. Our retail reviews have provided that direct feedback.”

    Mary Mallory • Product Developer – Senior Research Scientist • Kimberly-Clark

  • “In selecting a design agency for the re-imagination of our iconic Bazooka Bubblegum brand, we needed someone who not only had strong credentials and a robust portfolio, but could also be a true strategic partner. For Bazooka, Goodwin Design was that partner. Bill and his team asked smart questions and intelligently challenged our thinking throughout the creative process to ensure we were on the right path. They also did a great job of working with Topps and our other agency partners to craft a visual language that brought our brand strategy to life.”

    Anthony Trani • VP of Marketing • The Topps Company

  • “So grateful for Goodwin Design Group. I couldn’t have asked for better partners in creating the branding, packaging and website for my natural foods brand. They really took the time to figure out exactly what I was envisioning and what came out of it was better than I’d imagined it could be. They are patient, kind, and are of the utmost integrity. Initial retailer, trade and editorial response to our products and brand packaging has been great.”

    Jessica Goldstein, M.A. • Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Founder/CEO • Kolat

  • “We engaged Bill and his group to help us with youth-oriented marketing, and they have not disappointed us. 
They are exceptionally adept at spotting an insight and then creating messaging – visually and with copy — that leverages that insight to maximum effect with the right target. They are delightful to work with, true partners who embrace the vision and help bring it to life.”

    R. A. Causey • Category Research Manager • SC Johnson

  • “We were very fortunate to have Bill guide us through the packaging design for a Ziggy Marley endorsed product. His company did an amazing job taking direction and feedback and executed exactly what we wanted but were not able to articulate. I highly recommend Bill & his staff!”

    Orly Marley • President • Tuff Gong Worldwide

  • “I hired Goodwin Design to transform two brands with different trajectories and they did a wonderful job transforming both. Their creative process is straightforward and filled with lots of creative options that deliver on your design brief. They are also natural problem solvers and have a can-do, positive attitude. As a result, we were incredibly happy with the final result. Additionally, Bill and his team are really nice, friendly, easygoing people who are a pleasure to work with.”

    David Contract • Director of Marketing • NUK USA

  • “The Goodwin design team was exceptional to work with in every regard – creative, strategic, insightful, nimble. As a fast-paced entrepreneurial company, we at In Zone Brands were looking for a partner who could bring world-class design expertise to our packaging in a fresh, distinctly ownable way, all while keeping up with our energetic, lean organizational cadence. Goodwin delivered in every way. We are thrilled to have new visual packaging for mom and kids that is at the perfect intersection of Healthy & Fun!”

    Samantha Hodgkins • SVP of Marketing • In Zone Brands

  • “The GoodNites marketing team is very complimentary of Goodwin and the design leadership that you brought to this project. Goodwin has exceeded our expectations on every level. We are very excited about the new packaging and can’t wait to see it perform in store. Please pass on our compliments to the team responsible and all the kids!”

    Christine Mau • Associate Director Packaging Graphics l Brand Communication Design • Kimberly-Clark

  • “I’ve had the distinct pleasure to hire and work with Bill and his team… movers, shakers and innovators, they work their magic creating best in class graphics within very tight deadlines. They pride themselves on knowing their consumer, and test all designs to ensure the consumer ‘gets’ what is in the pack, and, loves the design. Bill and team have made my job easier by presenting designs that are creative, innovative and printable so there are no issues at the backend, and the project runs seamlessly.”

    Amy Dresner-Yules • Design Director • The Topps Company

  • “From first meeting, Goodwin has consistently been quickly capable of translating our unique message for our customers in a simple, transgraphic way. They undertook our complete branding initiative and gave us a visual identity that has revitalized our programs and reenergized our audience. Perhaps more importantly, in their own engaging and insightful way, the Goodwin team has helped us clarify who we are as social change makers… and what we ultimately aim to accomplish with youth and those that serve them.”

    Beth Holmes • Marketing Director • Pennsylvania Advocates for Nutrition & Activity (PANA)


New Listerine Smart Rinse Avengers Packaging In Stores Now

Our Listerine Smart Rinse Avengers package is beginning to appear on shelf. Look for it at Target, Walmart, and other national retailers. Avengers joins the ranks of Barbie, Phineus and Ferb, and Batman, among other licenses that we’ve had the good fortune to work with within the Smart Rinse portfolio.

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Latest Article – Designing for Kids, and Their Moms

Tailoring a design concept to a specific age group is critical when marketing a line of kids’ personal care products.

“Effective packaging for kids must present the proper character, tone and story via visual messaging to deliver on what we call the five E’s – engage, emote, entice, enhance and endure,” says Bill Goodwin, founder of Goodwin Design Group.

Defining ‘Kids’

The design agency focuses on this young consumer group, and their families – and has worked on branding personal care products for kids on projects for Disney, Johnson & Johnson, P&G, Kimberley-Clark, Walmart and Colgate, among others.

But – not everyone defines ‘kids’ in the same way, which is a mistake, Goodwin says. He explains how different age groups shouldn’t be all “lumped” together, because there are so many differences among kids that are different ages, which affect their shopping habits and preferences.

“Every client we speak to has a different interpretation of ‘kids’ – but to me, kids are aged 5-7,” says Goodwin. “All other ages are something else – infants, toddlers, teens, tweens, twixters, etc.”

But what every age group has in common is some type of relationship with their parents, which will affect every purchase decision.

Mom’s Influence Is More Important

According to Goodwin’s research, kids are influencing moms’ choices in everything from movies to food, as well as personal care and beauty products – more than ever before.

“Understanding kids and their relationships with their parents is key to knowing what is, and will, drive purchases,” he says.

Goodwin also explains that relationships have changed, especially how moms and daughters interact. “The same conflicts still exist, but kids have more of a connection with their parents now. There’s more continuous sharing – especially between moms and daughters,” he explains.

How long are kids’ purchasing decisions being influenced by mom?

“Kids are following moms’ input at their earliest ages, and transition over time, up until roughly age 13 – the ‘Facebook age,’” says Goodwin. “Then, it’s all about what they want, like demanding their own scents for a lotion, or flavor for a toothpaste – and they find it themselves.”

Personalize Everything, Create Choices

As much sharing that’s happening between kids and parents these days, however, they’re not sharing beauty or personal care products. Everyone – from an increasingly early age – expects their products to be specifically tailored to them.

When the agency worked on designing the packaging for a new line of Dial soap for kids, its team demonstrated this by speaking to a panel of moms.

“We asked them to take photos of their bathrooms, before cleaning up. Seeing how many products were sitting out on the sink, in the tub area, and on shelves, it proved our point,” says Goodwin. “Then, we spoke to Dial about families, relationships, and how they use products,” he explains.

Goodwin continues, “My wife and I have 4 kids, and began bathing them with a specific baby shampoo. That became specific 3-in-1 washes as they grew older. Now as they age up, each has their own preferred shampoo, soap or body wash, and even toothpaste – and we will ultimately have to buy four of everything.”

Designing Dial

Dial’s kids’ line of body washes consist of scents like Berry Cool and Watery Melon, and an unscented product for babies.

The team at Goodwin designed the line’s custom, curved bottle shape. A proprietary, curved bottle shape differentiates the line among its competitors. “A custom mold is a large investment – but it is the one way a brand can compete in a mature category. Color is difficult to own, but structure provides the greatest competitive advantage. And it’s important because we remember shape first, and color second.”

The team at Goodwin did the initial structural designs for Dial’s new bottle shape, and then the company’s internal team created the bottle and completed the project to bring it to market.

Goodwin Design Group also worked on designing the packaging for Colgate’s Wisp, during the project’s early stages of development. “Mom is choosing this product – it’s not the kids at the earliest stage making this decision. The design had to be all about efficacy, because kids have perfect skin, so you don’t need a complex cleanser. We had to communicate ‘pure clean fun,’” Goodwin explains.

For older kids, an age-appropriate illustration adorns the bottle. “We tested different concepts for structures and illustrations, and it was all about communicating ‘fun,’ along with the ‘good, clean’ message of efficacy and simplicity,” Goodwin says.

Colgate’s Wisp

Goodwin was also involved in the early stages of the development process for Colgate’s Wisp packaging.

Wisp is a disposable mini toothbrush, available in traditional flavors, including Cool Mint Whitening – but there’s also one called Icy Bubble, which will no doubt appeal to kids.

One of Goodwin’s original design concepts (which is shown) includes even more flavor options than what the brand currently offers, like Melon Rush and Tropical Ice.

The Bottom Line

Although having too many options might seem confusing, consumers – at any age – have come to expect it. Brands have ‘trained’ consumers to think this way.

Goodwin offers this last bit of advice: “Kids need options. And if your brand isn’t offering them, mom will find them somewhere else.”

View the article as published in Beauty Packaging here.

Download a PDF of this article.

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New Featured Project &#8211; SafeSkin

Our SafeSkin brand packaging and product designs are beginning to appear on shelf. Look for it at retailers nationwide. Read more about it in our Featured Projects section.

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Family Style

Mar. 5, 2014

Convenient offerings like packaged meal solutions, crockpot and skillet kits, as well as myriad side dishes in stand-up zipper pouches, have seen a surge at retail. Families have welcomed these offerings to their tables, as they are easier alternatives to traditional dinner preparation.

Today’s families are busier than ever, yet strive to spend quality time together. Research has proven the value of simply sitting down to dinner together. For kids, routine family dinners have been linked to better behavior, improved physical and psychological health, and even good grades. Today’s families recognize the importance of these mealtimes. Over the past decade, the percentage of families sharing family dinner rituals has been on the rise, reversing the declining trend of prior decades.

The majority of today’s kids like to prepare or cook meals, and younger kids love to help and contribute. Today’s dads are likely to cook or contribute as well, since many families collaborate on meal planning, selection and shopping, and most aspire to making or prepping their meals together. Stand-up pouch packaging meets these needs and more – it’s easier to store, use, create portions from and dispose of.

On the Go and Always Snacking

The trend toward better-for-you snack options (such as the item pictured at right) is driving growth in many markets. Kids have the power to impact entire categories, and often innovations that are tailored to their needs become category norms. The proliferation of “smashed fruit” or purées in pouches began as solutions for toddlers who’ve now “aged up” in recent years. This was also true of juice pouches, which became the preferred alternatives to juice boxes (which are now for little kids), and then aged up with kids via larger portions.

Similar activity is beginning with fresh, ready-to-eat packaged serving solutions of fruits and veggies. Those solutions began as kid-targeted offerings and are now evolving to meet the needs of health-conscious snackers of all ages.

Today’s kids are time-pressured and their lives are overscheduled, as is true of their parents as well. Family breakfasts are often hurried grab-and-gos before running for the bus. On average, today’s school lunch is a mere 20 minutes, and for many, this break is significantly early or late in the day rather than at or close to noon.

As a result, kids snack throughout the day during dashes to classes, before and between after-school activities, resulting in four to six (or more) on-the-go eating occasions versus the structured three main meals. Roughly half of kids claim to “make” their own lunches, although most simply grab and assemble light lunch fare and snacks rather than truly prepare meals.

Simplified packaging and portable snack solutions have driven category growth, and this trend toward convenience, whether on the go or at home, will only continue to grow.

View the article as published in Progressive Grocer here.

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Our offices and studio are located in a historic farmhouse which over the last 180 years has been home to entrepreneurs, inventors, artists, horticulturalists, and now, designers.

In 2009, Goodwin bought and restored The Foreman House as our offices and studio. Built in the 1830’s, the property is a Class 1 Historic Site, formerly part of The Thomas Leiper Estate. Bill worked at the Estate cutting the lawn and helping out back in the day, and he and his friends played and hung out down here. And as luck would have it, now we all do.

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